Sangrand Dates in 2023

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Sat 14 January 2023 Sangrand
Mon 13 February 2023 Sangrand
Tue 14 March 2023 Sangrand
Fri 14 April 2023 Sangrand
Mon 15 May 2023 Sangrand
Thu 15 June 2023 Sangrand
Sun 16 July 2023 Sangrand
Thu 17 August 20233 Sangrand
Sun 17 September 2023 Sangrand
Tue 17 October 2023 Sangrand
Thu 16 November 2023 Sangrand
Sat 16 December 2023 Sangrand

Sangrand 2023: Its Dates and Significance

What is Sangrand?

Derived from the Sanskrit word “sankranti,” Sangrand marks the start of a new month in the Indian solar calendar. This sacred day captures the sun’s journey as it transitions from one zodiac sign to another.

Historical Significance of Sangrand

From the earliest days, humans have looked to the skies, finding meaning in celestial objects like the sun and planets. Over centuries, these celestial wonders took on divine personifications, influencing rituals and spiritual practices.

Since Vedic times, the Sun god, Surya, has been revered, with traditions like Sankranti allowing followers to express their devotion. This day sees many immerse themselves in rituals, from fasting and holy baths to acts of charity.

The Essence of Sangrand in Sikhism

For Sikhs, the ultimate adoration is reserved for the Supreme Being, eliminating the need for any other deity. Within this philosophy, the Guru serves as the guiding Sun, illuminating the path for devotees.

Two revered figures in Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji, gifted ‘Baramahas’ or calendar poems to their followers. These verses capture nature’s beauty across months and the yearnings of a devout heart. While Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s words paint landscapes and the devotee’s (portrayed as a bride) longing for the Divine, Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s poetry mirrors the spiritual sentiments felt each month.

List of all Sangrand dates in 2023

Sangrand Date in January

14 January 2023 – Saturday

Beginning the year with spiritual fervor, January’s Sangrand invites Sikhs to renew their commitments and set devout aspirations.

Sangrand Date in February

13 February 2023 – Monday

February’s Sangrand heralds the whispers of spring, fostering a spirit of renewal and community togetherness among Sikhs.

Sangrand Date in March

14 March 2023 – Tuesday

With March, Sangrand blossoms in the heart of spring. It’s a season of personal and spiritual flourishing for Sikhs.

Sangrand Date in April

14 April 2023 – Friday

April’s Sangrand aligns with the joyous festival of Vaisakhi. It’s a time of gratitude, joy, and rekindled devotion for Sikhs.

Sangrand Date in May

15 May 2023 – Monday

May’s Sangrand, warmed by the approaching summer, inspires acts of compassion, love, and seva (selfless service) among the Sikh community.

Sangrand Date in June

15 June 2023 – Thursday

In June, Sangrand emphasizes resilience. Sikhs contemplate inner strength and the grace of perseverance.

Sangrand Date in July

16 July 2023 – Sunday

July’s Sangrand offers Sikhs a spiritual oasis amid summer, a period of introspection and tranquility.

Sangrand Date in August

17 August 2023 – Thursday

August marks a Sangrand of purification. Sikhs seek spiritual renewal, cleansing the soul of worldly distractions.

Sangrand Date in September

17 September 2023 – Sunday

September’s Sangrand brings autumn’s equilibrium. Sikhs are reminded to harmonize daily life with spiritual pursuits.

Sangrand Date in October

17 October 2023 – Tuesday

October’s Sangrand, with leaves shedding, instills the value of staying firmly rooted in faith amidst life’s transient nature.

Sangrand Date in November

16 November 2023 – Thursday

November’s Sangrand shines as a beacon amid longer nights, guiding Sikhs towards the internal illumination of spirituality.

Sangrand Date in December

16 December 2023 – Saturday

December sees the year conclude with Sangrand, a time for Sikhs to reflect with gratitude and look to the future with spiritual hope.

Final Words

Sangrand, with its deep historical and cultural roots, remains a pivotal day for many. For Sikhs, it signifies reflection, devotion, and a deeper bond with the Divine, echoing the timeless teachings of their beloved Gurus.